Wardrobe Planning Re-do

By Tiffany - Saturday, February 27, 2021

Some of you who might have followed in the past might be wondering what happened to all that 1940s wardrobe planning I did. I spent hours and hours making a plan and even making a 1940s blouse and wide leg pants, but then like everything 2020, it all fell off the rails.

Why can't I just snap my fingers and look like Vivien!

Like many out there, the pandemic left me with a lot less time and money to do things. And less of a need for fancy clothes, since I'm working from home. Also, I started to realize that the 1940s are nice, but I'm actually more into 1930s era clothes. I think they fit my body shape and style a little better. 

I also made some mistakes with my past attempts. One main thing was using cheap polyester fabric. It didn't matter how well my cool wide legged pants turned out, I never ever wanted to wear them because the polyester felt gross. I have come to realize that I really, really hate polyester. It even makes me itch (or perhaps that just whatever other weird chemicals are being dumped on the fabric).



  • Look at the 1930s for inspiration, but don't feel limited by choosing this era (what if I want an Edwardian blouse!).
  • Stay away from nasty polyester and not cheap out on fabrics.
  • Try to pick items that will fit in with what I have already, so I don't feel like I have to start completely from scratch.
To accomplish this last part, I've been looking at lots of nice brands out there that are about quality and mixing in retro looks. Two brands that seem to do this are Simple Retro and Sezane. 

This tie-blouse has 1930s vibes. Source: Sézane

These two brands show how you can pull of something retro/vintage and new. Like a 1930s style blouse with a pair of jeans.

A lot of 1930s day dress vibes with this dress. Source: Simple Retro

So, I am going to redo my wardrobe plan and make it work for me. 

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