Kimono Jacket

By Tiffany - Monday, February 08, 2021

I made the perfect work-from-home jacket! It's a simple yet stylish kimono jacket in a lovely rust colour. 

Being winter and stuck mostly sitting in one spot all day, I wanted another layer to keep me warm and cosy. I thought back to my karate days and how easy a karate gi is to wear. Like a bathrobe, just wrap in up and you are good to go. I already had a few bathrobe patterns and BINGO one was a kimono style.

Pattern: Stitch 'n Save by McCalls 8493

Fabric: Textured Cotton Double Cloth - Rhubarb 

Thread: Gütermann Sew-All Thread - #576 Dark Copper

The fabric is a lovely textured cotton that I purchased from Blackbird Fabrics. It is soft to the touch and medium weight. It doesn't ever look to wrinkled, since it is wrinkled all over.

I made the length match an old karate gi jacket. And I made the sleeves 3/4 so they can stay out of the way. I probably should have made the sleeve seams a little higher up, but for what it is, it is fine.

The tie is nice, but it actually looks pretty good open, too. 

Now that the weather is turning a little colder again, I don't mind since I get to wear my new jacket.

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