Sewing: EvaDress 1940s Pants

By Tiffany - Wednesday, November 20, 2019

As I mentioned in my vintage inspired capsule building posts, I am making some 1940s inspired pants. I went over many of the vintage patterns that can be found online and went with Eva Dress Trousers and Overalls with Hooded Blouse.


Eva Dress Trousers and Overalls with Hooded Blouse


I made two pairs, both in mystery polyester suiting. It was a bit of a waste, but really wasn't sure if this silhouette would work for me.


The first pair (or muslin) I made without any adjustment. I cut my size and decided to see how it looked. I wanted these to be a wearable muslin, but to my dismay, the fabric was horrible.

Sadly, I was almost disgusted with what I ended up with. Who knew sewing could evoke such visceral reactions. I pays to get good fabric to begin with.

The second pair is wearable. I plan on wearing it out the office in the next few days. I feel like I need better shoes for the outfit, but overall I love the look.

The adjustments I made to this pair are:

  • Took out almost 3" of ease in the hips and legs. The hips had about 5" of ease in them, I altered them to have about 2". Modern pants have about 1" (if not stretchy). I just felt like I was wearing grandpa pants.
  • Added a zipper instead of buttons.
  • Added a back patch pocket.
I may make these again, but I think I will try a more modern pattern first (with less hip ease to begin with).

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