Spiffy Wardrobe Plan: Step 3 Colours and Patterns

By Tiffany - Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Step 3: Pick colours and textures. Explore prints and solids.

"Clothing Construction and Wardrobe Planning" by Lewis et al. (1957)

Look back at your Pinterest Board or Instagram Collection.

  • What colours, patterns, and textures are common?
  • What colours are the main pieces (like pants and jackets)?
  • What colours are the blouses and other separates?
  • What colours are good for accessories?
  • What textures and fabric types do you see?
  • Are there printed fabrics or just solid?
  • And patterns the big and bold or fine and dainty?
  • Are patterns floral, geometric, abstract, etc?

Tiffany's Wardrobe

These are the colours I'm going to mainly use for my fall, 1940s inspired wardrobe:

taupe-brown / navy / olive / plum
cranberry / purple / green / camel
grey / ivory / mint / khaki

Lots of red/purples and greens. These colours look good on me and are nice for fall.

The top row is colours for pants, skirts and jackets. The middle row would make good dresses, blouses, and sweater colours or even for accent colors. The bottom row are the more neutral lighter colours for blouses and tops. Hopefully you can tell that I picked colours that were easy to mix and match.

1940s Sears Catalogue

Prints that I can use for blouses and dress will be vintage floral prints and/or plaids. I could have a lot of fun with this!

For textures, I'm going to use wool suiting, demin, and rayon/silk like fabric (but environmentally friendly, like Tencel).

Knitting pattern

And of course, I want to do some knitting! So there will be nice knitted vintage pieces for my wardrobe.

It's all coming together! Almost ready to make my sewing/shopping list!

Mixing and matching wardrobe pieces has been around for a long time. "Clothing Construction and Wardrobe Planning" by Lewis et al. (1957)

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