Spiffy Wardrobe Plan: Step 2 Shapes and Silhouettes

By Tiffany - Sunday, August 04, 2019

Step 2: Review Themes and Silhouettes

For this next step, look back at your Pinterest Board and/or existing wardrobe. What outfit combinations did you like? What silhouettes are common.

Tiffany's Wardrobe

It is easy to see the 1940s silhouettes in what I was picking. Here are some common garment characteristics:
  • High waists
  • Fitted waist
  • Lots of ease in blouses
  • Higher than what is now typical necklines
  • A-Line skirts (not full, circle, or pencil)
  • Wide leg pants
  • Jackets are either fitted at the waist or boxy
  • Most cardigans and sweaters are fitted at waist level or tied with a belt at the waist

I've found the following examples that of outfits with these types of silhouettes that I like. I added in some shoe and accessory ideas, but will be looking closer at that later on.

Silhouette 1: This is mainly a look for home or working outdoors. Jeans, vintage shirt, comfortable shoes, etc.

Silhouette 2: This one is more for summer/spring. Look at those culottes. The pink ones are Megan Nielsen's Tania pattern. I would love to do it now, but cooler weather will be here soon enough. This would work for home and the office.

Silhouette 3: Some more dressier pants and separates. I can easily mix and match this look with different style blouses. Some of the 1940s pants have a slight taper. Sometimes they have rolled cuffs. I would love to knit a cardigan or vest for colder months.

Silhouette 4: Typical 1940s dress or skirt with blouse. Both have the a-line shape. This would be easy to mix and match with the above silhouette.

I'll also plan some winter gear, but I'm not sure of what yet. Maybe a lovely coat like the Veronica coat by Wearing History.

I think at first, I will be happy just dressing "1940s-ish" and not completely period. This will allow me to slowly add in pieces and not have to throw all of my existing wardrobe out the window.

Plus, BARE LEGS IN THE WINTER!!! No thanks! I'll either stick to pants or add in some leggings in a more contemporary way.

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