Spiffy Wardrobe Plan: Step 5 Capsule Building

By Tiffany - Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Step 5 of our plan is deciding how much of each item you actually need and build a capsule. Also think about what colour the items are and how they work together.

Tiffany Fall / Winter Capsule

Right now, I plan on using a lot of items I already have so that I can slowly transition my wardrobe to a 1940s look. Priority is going to be given to making clothes for work.

  • Two pairs pants - Brown, Green, or Grey
  • One pair denim pants - Dark Blue
  • Short sleeve blouses - some I have already made fit the silhouette, but I'd also love classic ivory
  • One long sleeve blouse
  • Two t-shirts - Retro stripes and Plain Black
  • One skirt - Camel or Burnt Orange
  • One cardigan - Cranberry
  • One vest - Fair Isle or brown
  • My purple pullover
  • One tea dress
Some of my existing projects would work. Like my Belcarra, Alma, and purple pullover.

I'm excited to start sewing! Also, I'm glad I'm trying to work it in with what I have already. I hate wasting my other lovely clothes!


I was able to put together a better vintage capsule working with a more limited palette. This will make it easier to work in stuff I already own (including fabric). Also, I am adding in more black. I will be mostly wearing my new clothes at the office and black is just so classy and timeless. I am liking this much better and have started making a few things!

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