Self-Drafted 1940s A-line Skirt

By Tiffany - Saturday, August 31, 2019

I couldn't wait to try out some 1940s silhouettes and get sewing! So, I self-drafted an a-line skirt.

There are many tutorials online on how to draft an a-line skirt. What might help you if you are drafting your own, is to know how much ease you need. The fabric I chose has absolutely no stretch. Usually, you need at least 1/2" to 3/4" of ease at the waist. I increased this to 1", since I knew I would be tucking in my shirts.

I also helps to know if you are trying to achieve a 1940s silhouette, that the bottom of the skirt, or sweep, is not very large. During wartime, many countries actually limited the size a sweep could be in order to limit fabric use. I read on the Vintage Dancer that sweeps were usually limited to 78". I went with 70" as that seems full enough. 

I have plenty of buttons in my stash, so was easily able to find something good enough. The fabric is super cheap clearance I-don't-know-what, probably a polyester. It feels a bit like I'm wearing a table cloth for a skirt. Luckily, I have a 1970s slip I can wear and it makes it much more comfortable.

While this is mostly just a wearable muslin, I think it turned out pretty well. Time will tell if I end up finding the fabric unbearable. If so, then at least I'll have a pattern ready to go with some nicer fabric.

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