A Spiffy Baby Cardigan

By Tiffany - Friday, August 05, 2016

I finally knitted something for my little guy. He has a ton of sweaters from his great-grandma, but I wanted to make him something, too. Also, knitting this cardigan gave me an opportunity to test out my Spiffy Raglan Sweater Calculator further.

To make this sweater, I used my baby's measurements and also measured a sweater that fits. This is what the measurements looked like in the calculator (he is bang on average for a 6 month old).

The finished sweater is adorable and perfectly matches the cardigan I was copying for size.

I used up some Rowan All Seasons Cotton that was sitting in my stash. I only had partial balls, so I went with stripes. If I was thinking ahead and not just rushing, I would have reviewed the total number of body rows and came up with a repeating pattern that worked a bit better. I had to stop one row short on the length because I would have had a single light blue line.

On the first sleeve (above), I remembered to use slipped stitches to make my stripes jogless while going in the round on the sleeves. But, I forgot to make sure I was wrapping yarns as I did my colour changes, which leads to small holes (see below).

At least I remembered for the second sleeve (below), which looks much better.

I did a seed stitch for the button band. I really like how it turned out and it lays flatter than a rib.

Overall, it was a great project for me to get back into knitting: simple and quick. Also, I found many ways I can improve my sweater calculator and there is one error I have to fix (gasp!). I hope to work on that during his naps and have the updated calculator up in a few weeks.

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  1. Hi do you have contact info where I can contact you directly about the spiffy raglan pattern I bought? I love it but have a question and will gladly help with testing the pattern for my big size as well as kid sizes.
    Regards Lynette

    1. Hi Lynn!
      Yes, you can email me at info(AT)spiffystitches(DOT)ca. If I don't get back to you right away, leave another comment here (I'm probably just busy with the little guy). Also, I updated the calculator recently and can email you the updated version once you contact me, so don't let me forget. Thanks!