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By Tiffany - Friday, January 01, 2016

I haven't posted in awhile, but I actually did a lot of sewing lately. I just couldn't post any of it, since it was all Christmas gifts for family members.

I used one pattern in particular for making several gifts. Vogue 8964 is a pattern set of boxers, pjs, and bathrobes.

Bathrobe - View B

The bathrobe was probably the most challenging part of the pattern because of the large pattern pieces you have to wrestle without shredding.

The fabric I chose was a polyester looper fleece in olive. It looks a bit like terry on the right side. It is light weight but warm.

I used navy bias tape as piping, since I forgot to pick up actual piping while at the store. I'm glad I added it though, as the robe might have looked a little dull without it.

I made a few alterations to the pattern. I added a hook loop at the neck for easy hanging. I sewed the belt tie into place with a rectangle of stitching at the center back. This means the tie won't fall out and get lost in the future. I also omitted the lining. Instead, I serged the inside edge of the collar and topstitched it into place (see below).

Overall, the robe looks and works great. My hubby loves it.

Boxer Shorts - View E

I made a pair of boxer shorts for my Dad. He had a pair he really loved, so my Mom measured them all over (including front and back crotch depth). Using the measurments, I was able to pick a size that was super close.

So, without having to do any fitting alterations, I was able to make a great pair of boxer shorts that my dad loves. They are a very lightweight cotton denim.

Boxer shorts are a fun project to practice sewing skills, like matching plaids. The pieces are small and easy to work with. And, if you mess up, they are just boxer shorts - not something as noticeable as a jacket or dress.

Pajamas - View F

I made three pairs of the pajamas in flannelette - for my hubby, my brother, and my sister's hubby.

I did my best to guess the right sizes. I measured my hubby's other pjs in secret and my sister did the same for her hubby. For my brother, I just guessed that he was very close to my hubby. The great thing about pjs is that they don't have to be perfect to still work. It looks like I guessed right for my brother, as he approves:

One alteration I did for the pjs was leg length. For my hubby, I was able to make them the right length right away. For my brother and brother-in-law, I wasn't sure. So, I made the length I thought they needed plus less an inch and added 1.25" cuffs on the bottom. That way they could adjust the length by rolling the cuff.

I tacked the waistband elastic in place on the sides, so that they don't roll. And for the drawstrings, I used bias tape that I sewed shut.

The dinosaur pjs are for my hubby and I made sure to buy some extra of that fabric so I could make matching pjs for our baby when it arrives. :)

Vogue 8964 is a great pattern for making a lot of handmade gifts.

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  1. Love them! Great job! Thanks for sharing the pics and your review of the pattern!