More Fall Wardrobe Planning

By Tiffany - Saturday, September 05, 2015

I had lots of fun planning my fall/winter maternity wardrobe. Using some of what I learned last year by going through the Colette Wardrobe Architect, I've created a whole new wardrobe.

I did a bit more of an abridged plan this time. I made sure to stick to simple colours that I love and that I already having clothing in. Also, I stayed away from light colours and pastels, since this is for the colder months. I picked my colours while doodling out what I already have and what I would like to have.

I got to bust out the colouring pencils and I had a lot of fun. By drawing it all out, I realized that I had a lot of things that I wanted and/or needed. Instead of trying to make all of it from scratch, I decided that my next step was to check what used clothing I could find first.

I headed to one of the local chain second hand stores with a large selection of women's clothing. I ended up finding everything I wanted and more for just $64. That's right, a whole new wardrobe for $64!!!

My haul
I was quick at picking out what would work - much quicker than I used to be. Because I have done so much sewing from scratch, I am a much better (and faster) judge on what is a good fit and/or what I can mend. Having colours and specific items in mind made things all the faster. I was also getting quite a few compliments from women who peered into my basket and saw how well my colours were working together.

And I'm happy that I found some pants that can be converted or mended into functioning maternity pants. Just in time for the cooler weather.

So, if you are on the fence as to whether making a wardrobe plan is a good idea or not, I would say that it is. You can save a lot of time and money and end up looking quite 'put together' with just a little work (whether you plan to buy new, used, or sew).

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  1. The pants were an excellent find! I tried to do a cohesive maternity wardrobe, but had far less success finding anything at the thrift store. So I was a lot more at the mercy of whatever I could find time and energy to sew.