Fall Wardrobe Planning

By Tiffany - Saturday, July 18, 2015

Soon enough, the weather is going to cool down and I'll have grown too big to fit into a lot of things. To make sure I'm not caught unawares, I've started planning my next sewing projects. I've also decided to covert some of my stretchy skinny jeans into maternity pants.

I tried two different methods of making maternity pants: cutting out the pockets and cutting off the waistband. I won't go into how to do the sewing, since there are lots of tutorials out there. Instead, I'm going to review what I found to be the pros and cons with each way.

Method 1: Cutting out the Pockets

For this method, you cut out the pockets (part of the waistband and innermost pocket lining) and sew back in a piece of stretch knit that is the same size as what you cut out.

Some of the disadvantages are that it can be finicky to sew. You have to watch out that you are not sewing into rivets, etc. Also, since these pants were very stretchy and a very low rise to begin with, they now no longer want to stay up.

It also didn't help that the knit fabric I used had about 100% stretch. That meant there was little to help keep the pants up anymore. To fix this, I sewed a strip of 3/8" elastic along the top. The pants are now a little snugger, while still able to fit any "expansion". If I sew with this method again, I will probably sew elastic into the top seam allowance and tuck it inside the waistband.

The best thing about this method is that you can use fairly small scraps of knit fabric. So, if you don't have a lot of fabric to work with, this method is great.

Method 2: Cutting off the Waistband

This method involves just cutting of the waistband and sewing a large strip of fabric in place. I cut out the zipper and sewed the fly shut. This made sewing even easier, since I only had to work in a straight line.

These pants were easier to sew and may fit better than the other pair, since if they do slide down, you are still covered (I have not been able to test them yet). My knit fabric was quite stretchy and slinky, so I sewed in an elastic around the top to keep it in place. 

The biggest disadvantages I can see is that you use more fabric. And, it might take a second longer to get out of since the top waistband might be way up inside your shirt. 

One thing that a lot of the tutorials out there don't mention is that you should use a zigzag stitch when sewing the band to the top (especially if the jeans are also stretchy).

What Else is Working Right Now...

So, far I have been pretty lucky with the wardrobe I have. A number of my past sewing projects are getting worn all the time now. 

For pants, I'm loving: 

Burdastyle 03/2013 #104

Crop Pants

Both have high waists and are cotton with a bit of spandex in them.

For tops, I'm loving:

Sewaholic Belcarra 2

Sewaholic Belcarra

Butterick 5356

The Belcarra blouse is just roomy enough for now. The Butterick 5356 is perfect and there is more room to grow. I'm definitely going to make more of that pattern.

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