Pajama Party! Simplicity 8088 and 7071

By Tiffany - Monday, February 09, 2015

I've been meaning to make pajamas for myself for a very long time. My existing pajamas are in shreds and I really need new ones. To be fair, I was also waiting for a walking foot. I finally have one that fits my machine, so I'm back to sewing knits with ease!

I made a top using Simplicity 8088 and some pants with Simplicity 7071.


  • Knit fabrics from my stash
  • Thread

I had a lot of knit fabrics sitting around in my stash. None of them were quite right for everyday wear. The pants fabric was too thick to be a top. The top fabric is so thin, it's practically see-through. So, not great for a "wear out of the house" top either. But, the fabrics are perfect for pjs!


Simplicity 8088 and Simplicity 7071

Not only was the fabric from my stash, but so were the patterns. I wanted some quick and easy sews after working so hard on my Sewaholic Granville.

Simplicity 7071

This pattern has a nice simple pj pant pattern. I like the top patterns that come with it, too. But, they didn't look like they would work as well in knit fabric.

I was working with a very limited amount of fabric, so I made size Small and made the pant legs narrower (they are still wide enough for pjs). I also shortened the legs about 2" and took another 2" off of the top. If I didn't take off that top 2", either the elastic would have been up around my boobs or the crotch would have been around my knees. So, I'm really glad I didn't waste the fabric there.

Simplicity 8088

This is a simple kimono sleeve top pattern. I usually don't like boat neck tops (bra straps like to peek out and it bugs me), but since I won't be wearing a bra with pjs, it works fine on a pj top.

I added cuffs to the sleeves (copied from my Sewaholic Renfrew view C). I'm glad I did, because I really like how it turned out.

The fabric is so light, it was really hard to turn over for the neckline. Plus, the opening seemed too small.

So, I cut off my original neckline and sewed a large rectangle of my dark grey knit fabric to right side of the opening - kind of like doing a welt. I then slashed the rectangle open, pressed it to the inside and topstitched it in place. Then, I trimmed the excess close to where I topstitched. Here is what the inside of the neckline looks like now:

I'm really happy I took the time to make some pajamas. It was fun to use up my stash and try some vintage patterns.

I'm so comfortable, I feel like watching a movie and eating popcorn in my new outfit.

What do you think? Do you know of any other fun and interesting pajama patterns?

Also, how do you motivate yourself to do those projects you never get to?

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