Pin-Up Girls Linda Bra #2

By Tiffany - Saturday, November 22, 2014

I made a second Pin-Up Girls Linda Partial Band Bra. It's still not quite the right size, but I'm getting there.

Sewing this second bra went a little smoother than the first. I didn't have to struggle with tension or the instructions, since I figured that stuff out the first time around.

Inside of the bra
The first bra I made was a size 36B. It fit pretty well in the cups, is a little snug in the band, and the underwires seem a little small. This time around I tried the 38B, which has the next size up underwires. Now for the new reveal...

Not bad, but still not perfect. The underwires feel good, but the bridge is now gaping about 1" away from my body. The cups are slightly too big. I also had some issues with the straps and the band. The band ended up being about 1" too short for comfort! Since this bra was still otherwise wearable, I decided to make a small extension piece out of the bra material.

Again, not perfect, but it still functions and is now no longer too tight. Another issues is that the straps that came with the findings kit from Bra Makers Supply were huge! They are 3/4" wide and I had to really angle them to get them to be close to where they needed to go. As you might notice in the picture above, the right side is a little more than the left. The right side almost sits flat on my back, but the left has some buckling. I prefer much thinner strap elastics for this reason.

Overall, the bra is still wearable and is more comfortable than most RTW bras I have ever owned. For my next bra, I hope to address these fitting issues and get even closer to the right bra for me.

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