The Mom Dress

By Tiffany - Sunday, August 03, 2014

I wanted to make something for my sister in addition to the lovely panda bear I made. I decided to draft a wrap dress. Not just any wrap dress, but something that would be easy to nurse in, while being comfortable and flexible in terms of sizing. Thus, the 'One Size Fits Most' Wrap Dress aka. 'The Mom Dress' was born.

  • Navy knit fabric
  • Thread
  • Bias tape (in lieu of stay tape)
  • 1/4" Elastic

My sis looking lovely in her dress


Self-Drafted Wrap Dress

Using some inspiration from couple other patterns (for example, Burdastyle 04/2014 #137), which has the nice shoulder gathers) and some brainstorming, I came of with a faux wrap dress that is very adjustable.

The skirt is two pieces and attached to the back bodice and a front waistband piece.

The front bodice is the wrap part. Each part ends with a tie to secure the front in place. This makes the bodice very adjustable and it makes it easy to use for nursing.

There is an elastic waistband to make the waist easy to fit.

Overall, the dress is stylish, yet very comfortable. And to show that it can fit different sizes, here is me wearing the same dress.

I'm smaller than my sister (mostly in the boob area - lol), but the dress fits me fairly well, too.

I like the dress so much that I might make one for me, as well. Perhaps I should make up a pdf of this pattern for me to share.

It's a great dress for maternity wear or for those whose weight fluctuate. Imagine! A dress that doesn't make you feel crappy if you gain a few inches!

My sister is very happy with the dress and I think the new baby is, too.

What do you think? Would you like a copy of this pattern?

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  1. What a great job Tiffany! This should be a staple in all of our closets! It looks great on you both.

    1. Thanks scooter! I definitely want to make one for me.

  2. Wow! That must have been a lot of work. Congratulations. Very smart pattern.

  3. You are a very innovative sewist Tiffany! The dress looks good on both of you.
    Nicely done!