Burdastyle 03/2013 #126 Shorts #2

By Tiffany - Friday, July 04, 2014

The summer heat is here, so I have made another pair of shorts for the office. The pattern is Burdastyle 03/2013 #126. I used the same pattern last year to make a wearable muslin and now I finally made another pair with nice fabric.

  • 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester Poplin: $8
  • Pocket lining (old bedsheet): $0
  • Interfacing (already had): $0
  • Zipper: $2
  • Button: $0
I really love the poplin. I was easy to work with and is a nice warm grey colour - it goes really well with a lot of other colours.

The shorts are wrinkly from my wearing them. I wore them to the office and now they have a lot of wrinkles from sitting.


Burdastyle 03/2013 #126

I really like the side pockets. The side seams are like princess seams and make my legs look a little longer.


I made a size 40 like with my first pair (a size smaller than what I am on the chart). I did a slight swayback adjustment (I moved the pattern waist up about 1/4" in the front and down 1/4" in the back).

I changed was the hem length to about 8", in order to be able to comfortably wear them in the office(didn't want them to be too short).

I narrowed the bottom of the shorts so that the openings are about 18" (about 1.5" off of each side seam). I had a pair of shorts that I liked that were like this. However, I think those shorts might have a little spandex in them, since the poplin seems a little tight. Not horrible though. I didn't want them to be too wide at the bottom, since I had lengthened them. What do you think?

I might go back and make the crotch curve a little deeper. I don't have a wedgie in them, but it's close. haha [Update: Check out my post on fixing the crotch curve.]

That's it! Now I feel like making a top to go with it. But, I should get further along in revisiting the Wardrobe Architect first.

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  1. Love these! I've had them half done for months. I really like the pockets.

    I think they for you well!