Sleeve Heads for My Cordova

By Tiffany - Friday, April 11, 2014

I decided to go back and improve my Cordova jacket. I was not happy with how the original shoulders looked. The sleeve caps looked very droopy. Now, they are close to what I wanted: just a little poof.


I tried several different shapes and sizes of shoulder pads and sleeve heads until one worked for me. The shape is crescent-like. I used cotton batting and muslin to make the sleeve head.

The sleeve head is attached to the armhole seam. I basted it into place and then machine sewed it when I was happy with it.

Overall, it is not a huge change. But, i think it looks a little less like my arms are falling off.

I think the shoulder seams may still be a bit far off of the shoulder. I think next time I make a jacket, I will measure an existing jacket from shoulder seam to shoulder seam to compare. Overall, the sleeve heads improved the look of the jacket enough that I am happy to wear it.

Here is my jacket with improved sleeve caps.

What do you think?


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