Wardrobe Architect Weeks 3 and 4

By Tiffany - Friday, February 07, 2014

Weeks 3 and 4 of the Coletterie's Wardrobe Architect are very much related, so I'm putting them together. Week 3 was about what shapes we like. And Week 4 was about what silhouettes we like. These exercises have been really helpful.

No surprise, when I was filling out the Week 3 worksheet, I rated pants, and tops higher than skirts and dresses. I like my tops to be quite fitted, which is one reason I really love my Alma.

My Alma
I find that my upper body becomes a cylinder if I don't wear a fitted top. I like having a waist! I actually wear a lot of knit tops because of this - I really should sew some.

Has any one else found out through exercises like these that what they sew doesn't match what they often wear?

As I found out when reviewing my sewing of 2013, there were quite a few pieces that I made that I didn't end up wearing because I didn't think about what I actually like to wear.

What I should be sewing matches closely with the outfits I picked during my 'wardrobe deconstruction' exercise last year. Something like this:

A nice fitted top and cardigan (or blazer) and pants. And of course, I like changing the pants to shorts (or sometimes a skirt) when it's hot out. This is the silhouette that I like.

One thing I can never figure out, though, is shoes. What kind of shoes should I wear? Most fashion pictures show high heels - I don't like high heels. I prefer flat shoes. Ballet flats work, but only when it's summer and not when I'm out in the field. Any suggestions?

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