Coletterie's Wardrobe Architect

By Tiffany - Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm going to take part in Coletterie's Wardrobe Architect. Basically, it's a series of exercises to figure out how to build a wardrobe for yourself. The overall goal is to not sew things that you won't actually wear because they don't fit with your personality and lifestyle.

The first week's exercise is to look different parts of your identity and how they influence the way you dress. Here is goes...

  • History: Until I had a full time job, I never had a lot of money for clothes. I also went to a middle school with a dress code, which meant I lost of few years of wardrobe building practice. So, I have spent most of my life in low quality clothing that wasn't put together very well.
  • Activities: I work in an office where I also get to work out in the field occasionally. I also enjoy outdoor activities, like hiking. So, I need clothes that work for indoors and out.
  • Location: I'm in Canada and the weather here can vary a lot. I need lots of different types of clothing throughout the year.
  • Body: I didn't feel that comfortable with my body when I was growing up (but most people don't). I was horribly out of shape until I started martial arts when I was 18. When I got into shape, it made a huge difference to how I felt about myself. I'm even more comfortable in my skin since I've started sewing. Having clothes that fit really do make a positive difference.

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