Winter Jacket Collar Features

By Tiffany - Saturday, December 21, 2013

I'm getting closer to being finished my winter jacket! I've added the collar pieces to the outside and inside of the jacket. But, before I did that, I had to make a lot of little extras to the collar.

Here is the collar on the outside of the jacket.

If you look closer, you will notice a small pocket at the centre of the collar where the collar meets the centre back pieces.

This is a feature I copied from my husband's winter jacket. It allows me to hide away a zipper that will be used to attach my hood.

This half of the zipper has facings that make it stick out 1/2" from the collar. The other half of the zipper is already sewn into my hood. When I'm not using my hood, the zipper tucks up into the pocket and out of sight.

The ends of the collar have a pocket each. These pockets hold the ends of the hood in place.

Inside, there is velcro that matches up with the velcro pieces I sewed to the hood.

The order of the velcro goes: hook on collar piece > loop on inside hood > loop on outside hood > loop in on collar end pocket. That way, when the hood isn't being used, you still have one hook and one loop piece in the collar pocket to keep it closed.

On the inside of my jacket, I added a loop and a tab with velcro.

The loop, of course, is to make it easy to hang the jacket. The tab with velcro is to wrap around and secure a loop on an inner jacket.

Some inner jackets have loops on the outside. While some inner jacket will just have a regular inside loop, which can be used by turning the inner jacket inside out while using it as an inner jacket (and back to right side out when using it by itself). This keeps the inner jacket in place so you can take the inner and outer jacket off at the same time as one piece.

That's it for now!

Update: I almost forgot to install one other collar feature! The little pockets that hold the inner jacket collar into place. Here is what they look like on my husband's jacket:

On my jacket, I decided to go with a nice piece of flannel. This will feel nice and cosy on my chin.

In addition to keeping the inner jacket collar in place, it prevents the zipper of the inner jacket from rubbing against your chin and freezing you (if it's metal).

I'm going to add a half of a sew-in snap near the end of making my jacket. The other half will go on the inner jacket. I could also use velcro. I'm waiting until the jacket is one piece, so I will be more certain with how it will line up with my inner jacket.

Here is what the whole inside collar looks like now:

Hope you like it!

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