A Hood for My Jacket

By Tiffany - Saturday, December 14, 2013

I finally finished one part of my jacket: my hood. The hood itself was fairly complicated. I copied my husband's jacket hood for the shape and some of the features.

Here is the wrong side of the hood lining:

As you can see, I added facings around the edges in the main fabric (the white is the DWR coating) and then used my polyester lining in the center.

I added a grommet through which I put an elastic cord with toggle to adjust the hood opening. I added twill tape to the ends of the cord to lengthen it and to make it easier to sew to the hood.

Here is a look at the right side of the hood lining:

In addition to the cord and toggles, I added a zipper and velcro on the ends. The velcro will secure the hood ends in little pockets on the collar. The other half of the zipper will be sewn into my jacket collar. Now, my hood will be removable. Also, the brim of the hood has interfacing to keep it's shape.

Here is a closer look at the toggle and velcro:

How did I get such perfect colour toggles and cord for my jacket? I looked down at my feet and noticed my slippers had toggles that I never used and would be perfect for my hood. Score!

Here is the finished hood:

Notice that there is also velcro on the outside of the hood. 

Not too bad! It's nice to have at least one part done.

Note: I topstitched through the bill of my hood and realized afterwards that it probably wasn't a great idea - that means moister could get through the line of topstitching. I probably should have topstitched the sides and stopped just before the bill. Fortunately, I am not going to be using this jacket in heavy rain, so I will probably be okay. Also, the main seams of the hood have been seam sealed, so at least the very top of my head will stay dry.

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  1. My wife and I have been following your posts while planning a project of our own. Keep it up looking forward to the finished product

    1. I'll hopefully have more of it done this weekend - christmas projects have taken over my time lately. lol