More Winter Jacket Muslins

By Tiffany - Sunday, November 17, 2013

So, I've bought more bed sheets and made more muslins. On Muslin #3, I went with a sheet that was closer to the final colour, so I could see if I liked the overall look.

I redid the collar and changed the neckline. I added the pocket flaps and sleeve flaps. I added some waistline flaps that I will use to adjust the waist.

I also redid the sleeves. The sleeves needed to be a little wider and less of a cap adjustment. I also redid my adding of gusset material to my sleeve - the sleeve seam and side bodice seam don't match up. So, I went back and added the ease to the sleeve piece where it matches up with the side seam.

I added the hood. I also did tons of small fitting adjustments. I also noticed that I still needed a swayback adjustment (notice the pins across my back). But, overall, I looked really good. I could probably wear it down the street and no one would notice that it wasn't a real jacket (except for all my pins, lol).

Since I can only sew my Ultrex fabric once, I made my swayback adjustment and made one more muslin. I wanted to be really sure that it would work. So, here is Muslin #4:

I remade the bodice without the sleeves. The front still fits well.

The side view is good. You can't see it from here, but I also tried making an underarm zipper vent (I'll show more on the final jacket). 

The back looks much better. I'm now happy enough to sew the final jacket!

TIP: One thing I found that really helped me with my fitting was making videos of me moving around in my jacket. It was much easier to see what needed to be fixed and what was just bad lighting.

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  1. I love that tip about using a video for fitting issues! It makes so much sense especially from the back around the arm holes. Great job so far!