My Friend's New Look 2886

By Tiffany - Friday, September 06, 2013

Just a quick post about my friend's first clothing project. She made herself a dress using New Look 2886.

I helped her out, since it was her first real attempt at sewing clothing (I believe she said that she made boxer shorts back in high school and now she makes stuffed animals aka. plushies).

She made herself 'View C' (which is the dress at the top, left of the pattern envelope front). My friend is a beginner with knowledge on how to use a sewing machine and this pattern was easy for her to put together.

I can't remember exactly what fabrics we used, but the grey fabric is like a georgette and the yellow ribon and trim are like a charmeuse or sateen.


My friend added some bubbles on the dress afterwards, since this dress is part of her Derpy (from My Little Pony) cosplay.

The only alterations we had to make were taking in the bust and waist (as usual, we should have gone a size down from what the package said). My friend also used the 'View C' waistband instead of the pleated waistband that goes with 'View A'. Overall, it was a fun project and my friend had fun making it.

Once more, here we are in our costumes:

I'm Scootaloo in my Cambie dress and my friend is Derpy in her New Look 2886 dress.

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