Butterick 5356

By Tiffany - Saturday, September 28, 2013

I made another top! I sewed Butterick 5356, which is a nice loose-fitting top.

If you have been to the Fabricana in Richmond lately, this top might look a little familiar. My friend and I saw the same top on display and we liked it so much, that we both decided to make our own. And I loved the fabric pairings, so I went and made mine in the exact same fabrics. lol

I made View C, but with the shorter length of the other views.

  • Printed satin for main fabric
  • Bamboo rayon knit for contrast
  • Seam binding lace
  • Tread


Butterick 5356 

The pattern really was an easy one. There are only 5 pieces including the sash.

I made a size S, knowing that a size M (what I should be according to the size chart would probably be too big). Turns out, I probably could have gone down a whole other size. There is just way too much ease. I find that the top part that is supposed to be more fitted, does not sit properly.  

It was the fabric choices that ended up making this a challenging project. The printed fabric was a bit troublesome at the seams. To make the hemming easier, I copied what was done with the top on display at Fabricana. There, the sewer had used lace to bind the seam. It is machine sewed to the fabric on the right side and then turned inside the shirt and hand sewed.

The printed fabric unravels easily. So, I used faux french seams for the side seams (like I did with my Sewaholic Cambie).

The seams of knit fabric were easier to deal with. Basically, stitch and then trim neatly - this fabric doesn't unravel! 

For the first time, I tried using a twin needed at the arm hems. In the picture above, you can see the reverse of this. It worked, but as you may be able to tell, I should have adjusted my tension a bit more.

What really made sewing the knit possible for me was using a walking foot. My friend was able to sew knits on her newer sewing machine without one, but mine just does not like it. The stitches would end up differeny lengths or stitches would be skipped, etc. The walking foot made a huge difference for me. Now, I can't wait to sew more knits!

I really love this fabric! It feels so good when wearing it. Comfortable and soft all over. I just hope that the fabric pattern isn't too busy. Patterns like these were fashionable recently, but will that last? I guess time will tell.

Well, that is my new top. Unfortunately, my sewing room is a disaster zone right now. So, until I clean that up, no more sewing for a while. 

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