Simplicity 2581 and 2895

By Tiffany - Monday, August 19, 2013

My mom and I got roped into sewing a bit more for my sister - She had me make a jacket and hat (Simplicity 2581) and had my mom make her a vest (Simpicity 2895). This is for her husband's steampunk costume to go along with hers.

Simplicity 2581
Simplicity 2895
The vest turned out quite well. The fabric is from a curtain with a bedsheet used for lining.


The back is adjustable, which is good since my brother-in-law wasn't around to try it on.

My mom seemed to have fun sewing it. Although, the welt pockets were a bit tricky. Thanks for sewing that, Mom! I had to concentrate on the jacket and hat.

My dad threw on the ensemble to see how it looked. Thanks for modelling, Dad! The welt pockets on the jacket gave me a lot of grief! We used thick twill fabric and it just wouldn't sit right. They look ok now.

Outside view
I got the pocket to look okay by cutting out the pocket and fusing the opening shut with some interfacing. Nothing that the lining won't hide.

Inside view

The jacket was already pretty heavy with just the outer layer. So, I used some of the bedsheet to make part of the lining. This large piece is suppose to be all main fabric material, now just the button hole band and lapel area are in the main fabric.

Taking a tip from sewing the hat, I covered the sleeves seams with ribbon so they won't poke out.

The hat was interesting to sew. I've never made anything like that before. It turned out very well. I told my sister she could reuse it for a Sea Captain costume or something.

The green grosgrain ribbon on the inside hides the final seams.

Here is the costume again. The back of the jacket has a nice large pleat, which made me confident it will fit my brother-in-law even if he couldn't try it on.

That was an interesting project. It had definitely boosted my confidence with certain techiniques (just maybe not welt pockets...). I really can't wait to see my sister and her hubby's final steampunk pictures!

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  1. These costumes are going to turn out amazing! The hat is hilarious and good job on the welt pockets! I'm still scared of them. :)