Sewing: My Completed Minoru

By Tiffany - Saturday, March 16, 2013

I've finished my Minoru jacket just in time for spring. I needed a nice spring/fall jacket, so I sewed myself one.

My notes after the jump...

I think that it turned out pretty well. This is my 'wearable muslin' for any future jackets I make with this pattern. I plan on finding nice shell fabric to make a winter jacket version that I can wear with a polar fleece jacket underneath.

I choose a teal twill fabric (which reminds me a bit of the Futurama ship). It's not so dark that it will get hot in the sun and not so light that it will get dirty too easily.

  • Cotton/Poly Twill: $43
  • Cotton for Lining: $3
  • Thread: $6
  • Zippers: $15
  • Interfacing: $10
  • 2" Elastic: $19  
  • Swedish Tracing Paper: $15
So, I ended up spending a lot more that I thought I would ($111), but around half of that is for supplies I can use again (like the interfacing). I had a hell of a time finding zippers and elastic and had to buy them online. I'm glad I did though. I think that the zippers in particular look great.

Shiny brass zippers go great with the teal fabric

Sewaholic Minoru

  • I made a size 10 (my measurements are 35.5-30-39). I took in the hips by grading them down from a size 10 to size 6. I also took in the bust slightly (about 1/8" at the seam). I'm happy I went with the size 10, as it just gives me enough room to layer a sweater underneath. If I was not planning to layer it or use it as a muslin for a winter jacket, a size 8 would have been better. 
  • I raised the waistband by 1.5". This put it closer to my natural waistline. Also, from looking at how Tasia was wearing her Minoru, I could see that mine was probably too low. With her hand on her hip, her waistband sits above by about 0.5". Whereas, my hand sits in the middle of the original waistband marking stitches.
    My hand is covering the bottom waistband marker
  • I'm short (at least according most patterns - I'm really an average 5'4"), so I raised the bottom hem by 2". I may have shortened it a bit too much. Somewhere around 1"-1.5" shorter would probably have been better. Next time I do something like this, I'm going to get someone to take pictures of me with it pinned up to see what it looks like.
  • I shortened the sleeves by 1.5", but they are still a bit long. However, if I were making a winter version, the longer length would be good.
  • I shortened the collar by about 0.5". It seemed a little too big. I also lined the inside so that the lining material shows when you open the zipper (see below).
  • I left the hood as is, but is seems too big. I also added bias tape on the seams of the inside of the hood for a nice touch.
  • I did not add side pockets, but if I were making a winter version I would.
    Extra lining in the collar and as bias tape
Overall, I'm very happy with my new jacket. I love the elastic waistband (I have a waist!) and the raglan sleeves. I also love the lining, which is actually just a cotton bedsheet I bought from a second hand store.

And here is one final look with the hood out of the collar.

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  1. This is amazing! I love the bias tape and lining, which shows how much you pay attention to all of the details. :)

    1. Thanks Diane! The bias tape was very hard to put in (I only looked up how to do it properly AFTER I started), but it looks good and does tie it together.

  2. Good job! I am getting excited to begin mine within the next week or so. Thanks for this share.