Knitting: Batman Socks using Duplicate Stitch

By Tiffany - Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Another present I knitted this past Christmas was a pair of Batman socks for my brother-in-law. He loves animation and Batman and I thought I would personalize his gift with a nice Batman logo.

Instead of using intarsia or Fair Isle knitting, I used the cheaters way of doign two-colour knitting: the duplicate stitch. Basically, I knitting the sock in black and then went back and stitched my design on top of the black stitches with grey yarn.

More notes after the jump...

How to do Duplicate Stitch

Using a yarn needle and yarn, insert the needle in the bottom of the stitch you want to cover from back to front. Insert the needle into both 'legs' of the stitch above. Then, go back down into the bottom of the stitch where you started.


See this wikihow article on the duplicate stitch for more details.


"Batman Logo Chart" by Elizabeth Thomas

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  1. Can you see the gray stitches on the wrong side?

    I'm very impressed with all your socks. I'm pretty new to knitting and am thinking about casting on my first socks soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yes, the gray stitches make little bars when you go behind the 'legs' of the stitch above and when you are moving from one duplicate stitch to your next one. Unfortunately, I don't have the socks anymore to take a picture of it.

      Good luck with your socks! :)