Just a Little Bit More...

By Tiffany - Sunday, January 13, 2013

Do you ever do this? You're working along and making great progress. You realize you are getting tired and maybe hungry, but you tell yourself something like, "I'll just sew one more seam", or "I'll just knit one more row", or "I'll just put in one more nail with this hammer, while I'm balancing on the top of this rickety ladder"? And sure enough, you mess up somehow. You end up having to rip open a seam, pick up a ton of dropped stitches, or, worse, nurse your finger that you just hit with your hammer.

I've done all of these things and more. So, I'm making a resolution to take more breaks. Even though I might be in the middle of something fun and not want to stop, making sure I take a rest means I save myself from a lot of future headaches (and maybe finger ache).

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