Sewing: 1930s Flirty Puff Sleeve Dress

By Tiffany - Sunday, August 01, 2021

 I sewed this cute 1930s puff sleeve dress. 

The pattern is 1930's Flirty Puff Sleeve Tea Frock from My Vintage Wish on etsy.

The fabric was vintage from a thrift store. It is possibly late 1980s to 1990s based on the colours, but I'm not an fabric dater expert. The side had 'Northcott Sik INC' on the side, which may be Northcott Fabrics. Like they advertise, it is cotton that feels like silk. 

My measurements are close to the pattern, so the only size adjustment was add 0.5" to the wait just in case. It ended up being too loose there, but the belt tightens it up.

I knew right away that the shoulders would be too huge. I took out a lot of fabric there, but should have done another half inch at least. The puff sleeves end up kinda hanging of my shoulders.

The bust in particular was very challenging. I ended up moving the center where the middle triangle meets up about 2", so I could gather in more fabric. Before I made this change, it really stuck out there and looked terrible. I could have stored a third boob in there!

I may go back and take more out of the shoulders. They bug me enough to make me not want to wear it as much.

Overall, it is a very cute summer dress. I probably won't make this pattern again though, since it was a lot of work to make it work.

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