Sewing: EvaDress 1940s Blouse

By Tiffany - Sunday, January 12, 2020

I had fun sewing a vintage pattern blouse. I chose the Eva Dress Trousers and Overalls with Hooded Blouse pattern. After sewing the pants a few weeks ago, it was time to try the top.


Eva Dress Trousers and Overalls with Hooded Blouse


I used black 4.5oz Tencel twill from Blackbird fabrics. 

This was my first time sewing with tencel twill, so I had to learn how to handle the fabric as I went. I found that I had to finish all seams with a serger (instead of how the pattern did them), since the tencel had a tendancy to fray. I also had to make sure my iron was not too hot, since it started to get that shiny look that polyester gets when ironed too hot. 

The tencel has a nice cool hand to it. I'm not sure how it will breath until I wear it on a warmer day.


I made no adjustments to the blouse, and made the size according to my measurements (size 18). 

It feels a bit looser and shorter than I am used to, but it is meant to be tucked in. I think I will try a size down if I make it again. I may also add a second set of darts along the front to bring it in a little more. All the shaping comes from darts. The side seams are completely straight. I may also raise the sleeves a few inches if keeping them rolled up doesn't work.

The back is interesting. There is about 7" of fabric tucked away in the back pleat! 

I tried them with my 1940s pants and they work "ok" together. I think I just don't like the cheap polyester of the pants and so it just doesn't feel right. I'm going to make better high waisted pants and also buy or make a new pair of high waisted jeans.

The shoulders have gathers. The tencel fabric doesn't drape as well as a crepe, so I find that they just do not sit right. However, it is a bit hidden by the black fabric.

The collar has a bit of a 1970s vibe to contemporary eyes. So, I may go back and shorten the collar by 1/5" or so just to make it look less 1970s.

Overall, I'm really happy with the blouse. I wish I could take better pictures, but at this time of year the lighting is really poor and I can't go outside for pictures. The black is great, since it has a nice classy vibe. 

Just a few little tweaks and maybe I'll be as cool as Vivien Leigh. lol

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