Sewing: Christmas Stockings

By Tiffany - Wednesday, December 11, 2019

And now for something completely different... Christmas Stockings with a bit of a retro feel. I am making stockings to replace the cheap dollar store ones my family has been using for the last few years.

Materials per Stocking
- 1/4 yard Christmas quilting fabric
- 1/4 yard lining fabric (eg. broadcloth)
- 1/4 yard quilt batting
- about 4"x12" of Aida cloth
- about 12" bias tape

Step 1: make a pattern and cut out two of the quilting fabric, two lining, two batting. Cut Aida cloth to about the top 4" of the stocking. Cut out a 2.5" x 7" rectangle in quilt fabric and batting.

Step 2: quilt the quilting fabric to the batting. I just did 2.5" squares to make it easy.

Step 3: assemble the hook by stitching the small rectangle quilt fabric and batting to a strip of 3/4" by 7". I simply folded over the quilt fabric on top of the batting and stitched down an edge that I had folded over.

Step 4: baste the hook the the stocking back.

Step 5: stitch the bias tape along one edge of the Aida cloth.

Step 6: baste the Aida cloth to the front of the stocking.

Quilted piece stitched to lining along the top and pressed open.

Step 7: stitch each of the quilt side stockings to one of the lining pieces along the top. You should end up with what looks like mirror image pieces. Leave about 2-3" open along the back so you can flip right side out later on. Press open the seams.

Each quilted piece attached to a lining piece along the top

Step 8: put the stocking fronts and backs together, matching up quilted side to quilted side and lining to lining. You should end up with one big U shape.

Step 9: pull the stocking right side out through the little opening and stitch the opening closed. Stuff the lining down into the stocking.

Step 10: personalize with some cross stitching. I'm leaving this step until next year...

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