Why You Should Plan your Wardrobe

By Tiffany - Thursday, August 01, 2019

There are so many good reasons to plan a wardrobe!

Save time and money

While it may seem counter intuitive, you can save a lot of time by planning a wardrobe first. Sure, you could run out to the store and buy whatever looks good. And yeah, you could sew that new hit sewing pattern in that lovely fabric you see at the store. But, there is a bigger chance you will end up with something you are just "meh" about rather than something you love.

Sewers out there - think about all the fabric you have stashed away. Did you really have a plan for it when you bought it? Or, you just couldn't resist, telling yourself that you would figure out something to do with it later.

For my retro wardrobe, I could probably just spend a few hundred dollars on Modcloth or something and be done. But, I'm guessing that I would end up with a lot of fails and clothes that just aren't quite right. Or you may end up with "floaters". Floaters are an item of clothing you love, but go with nothing else in your wardrobe.

This yellow sweater I made was nice, but I bought the yarn on impulse and the color was just not right for me. It ended up being donated, because I never wore it.

By spending a bit of time planning, you will avoid all these pitfalls.

It's better for the environment

Usually, if you put some forethought into what you buy/make/wear, you will probably consume less and waste less.

Some of my past sewing and knitting projects are still with me and part of my wardrobe today. Even though I sewed them over 5 years ago!

I made this shirt years ago and still love it!

Feel proud of what you are wearing

The times that I've planned my wardrobe, I found it really easy to get dressed in the morning. I had a sense of confidence in what I looked like. People around me notice and I often received compliments.

Proud me - I still love this jacket, too!

So, need help planning your wardrobe?

I've planned my wardrobe and sewing projects so many times, that I've decided to make a guide on what steps seem to work best for me. The process is broken down in easy to follow steps. More posts with all the steps to come!

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