Tara's Wardrobe: Step 2 Shapes and Silhouettes

By Tiffany - Monday, August 05, 2019

For Step 2, we are looking at Shapes and Silhouettes.

Looking at Tara's Pinterest board, you can see a pattern in the shapes she wants:

  • A-line or soft gathered skirts and dresses
  • Loose jogger style shorts/capris/pants
  • Fitted t-shirts
  • Looser blouses that are tucked in
  • Pant and skirt waists are a bit below the natural waist (more typical today)
  • Loose and long cardigans that reach below the hips
Silhouette 1: Cargo jogger style capri, pants, or shorts depending on the weather. Nice neutral top. Cardigan for layering.

Silhouette 2: A-line or gathered skirt or dress. Leggings and cardigans for colder weather. Easy to mix and match with the above silhouette.

Silhouette 3: This is for the colder weather. Field jacket and boots. Lots of nice layering with the above silhouettes.

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