Spiffy Wardrobe Plan: Step 1 Inspiration

By Tiffany - Friday, August 02, 2019

Introducing the Spiffy Stitches Wardrobe Planning Guide

Here we go! No time like the present to get started on planning my next wardrobe.

Step 1: What are you Wardrobe Requirements and Aspirations?

What are your inspirations and what are your realities? Think about what clothing gets you excited.
But, also think about what tasks you do in your daily life. What is your environment?

Source: Clothing Construction and Wardrobe Planning, Lewis et.al (1957)

What stores do you like to shop at? What clothing patterns companies do you like?

What people inspire you? They can be celebrities or just 'average joes' or how about your Aunt, etc.

What clothes do you currently own that feels good to wear? What kind or style of clothes are they?

What do you not like? What clothes or styles have you tried ended up just not being right for you? Maybe they look good on other people, but you just can't get them to work for whatever reason.

Start a Pinterest board and get pinning! (An Instagram or Polyvore Collection would work, too)

Tiffany's Wardrobe

I'm totally jumping on the 1940s retro bandwagon. I've loved the style for a long time and would love to make it work for me.

I live in a Northern climate and will be planning for a cooler fall/winter. I work in an office, but I also do a lot of outdoor activities.

I love pants more than skirts. But, I do love a-line skirts and dresses in the summer. I'll need some jackets and sweaters for the cooler weather.

With all this in mind, I've started a Pinterest board with what I really like.

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