Spiffy Wardrobe Plan: Step 4 Accessories

By Tiffany - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Step 4: Shoes and Accessories

For this step, we have a look back at our Pinterest boards or wherever we have collected our inspiration to see what are the must have accessories and footwear to complete our looks.

Tiffany's Wardrobe

My 1940s inspired wardrobe makes it easy to see what kind of accessories and footwear I need. There are even helpful lists and style guides out there, like this one from the House of Foxy.

Going through my Pinterest board, I see the following items: 

  • Belts (leather and matching fabric)
  • Purses (clutches were popular, but I'm sticking to shoulder bags)
  • Headscarf
  • Hats 
  • Scarves and mittens for winter
  • Sunglasses

Footwear is so fun to look at. For my wardrobe, I could go with:
  • Oxford shoes, saddle shoes, or loafers
  • Cute pumps
  • Platform sandals
  • Chelsea, oxford, or riding boots for the colder weather

There are so many great options for 1940s shoes!

I don't like big heels, but that is not a problem since there are so many flat or low heel options. Many of the 1940s shoe styles are still around or can be purchased from places like Royal Vintage Shoes and Modcloth. I'm also going to search thrift stores and see what I can find. And I will probably concentrate on finding shoes and boots for fall first.

Other accessories I'd like to make include:
  • Coveralls (for working on home renos)
  • Apron (keep my nice clothes clean!)
Looks at this cute apron from Wearing History

I'm excited by all the pretty things I see. In the next step, I get to put it all together into a solid wardrobe plan. Stay tuned!

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