Mystery Knit-A-Long Afghan Progress

By Tiffany - Sunday, November 01, 2015

For months, I have been knitting the Kaffe Fasset Mystery Knit-A-Long Afghan and I'm getting closer to the end!

I only have 2 and a half square left to knit and then I can start piecing it all together. Just in time for colder weather.

I must say that this project has been great for keeping up my knitting with a puppy in the house. It is an easy project to put down mid-row and pick up again days later. The little squares are easier to hold out of reach when the puppy decides to jump on me. I did have a few incidents of balls of yarn being stolen and tossed about the room, but at least it wasn't part of a sweater.

I just hope piecing it all together won't be a horrible experience. I've never knit such a large project before. Wish me luck!

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