Two-Socks-in-One (aka. Inception with Yarn)

By Tiffany - Friday, January 23, 2015

I made my first attempt at double knitting! I was sick of finishing a sock and then having to work up the enthusiasm to make sock number two. Using double knitting a knitting both socks at once solves this problem.


Two-Socks-in-One by Kate Atherley

The pattern is nice because it gives tips on how to manage the stitches (like the decreases) while doing double knitting. I varied from the pattern in that I made both socks right-side facing out. The pattern has you knitting the first sock right-side out (knit stitches) and the inside sock right side facing the centre (purl stitches). I found it really difficult to alternate between purl and knit stitches while doing the rib. Therefore, I did it my way, so I could knit most stitches.


Knitpicks Stroll Sock Yarn in Midnight Heather and Sapphire Heather

I used a lighter and darker shade of blue, which I switched every 16 rows. This made it easier to make sure I wasn't mixing up my stitches. The result is lovely socks that are the opposite of each other.

I used 64 sts at the cuffs (the normal number I use for a men's medium pattern) with the smallest needles I had. But, the cuffs still ended up too big. I ended up knitting around 56 sts in the foot, just so they wouldn't be big everywhere else, too. As a result, the socks look a little funny and probably don't fit that great around the ankle. These socks are for my brother, so hopefully they will work for him.

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