Second Winter Jacket Muslin

By Tiffany - Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm still working on a winter jacket for my Mother-in-law. I had to make a fairly large adjustment to the first muslin, so I decided to make a second muslin before going any further. The adjustment was to shorten the bodice length, as the waistline was sitting too low.

My MIL is much happier with this test jacket and I am, too. I added a facing to cover the zipper. I reversed the collar, so that the bigger side is on the right of the jacket. That way it will be easier to do up the large button near the collar. I still have to fix the collar a bit to make it the right length for the neckline, but it is getting close.

I added pockets along the front princess seams. I also added a bit more room in the underarms by adding gusset pieces to the side back, side front, and sleeve pieces. This is the same alteration to add underarm ease that I did to my winter jacket.

After shortening the bodice, I found that I shortened it too much in the back. So, I slashed it open and pinned a piece of scrap fabric. This alteration pushed the bottom sides of the back piece towards the front and causing some buckling (if you look closely, you can see the extra fabric in the picture below). So, I will be taking a bit off of the back piece along the side seam when I adjust the pattern.

That's it! As I said, my MIL is happy with how this is coming along. I just need the fabric to show up (I ordered from Seattle Fabrics) and to make my changes to begin sewing the final winter jacket.

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