Wardrobe Architect Revised pt. 6

By Tiffany - Tuesday, October 07, 2014

In this post, I'm going back over the last few exercises of the Coletterie Wardrobe Architect series. Week 11 is about going over our capsule wardrobe and seeing what holes there are.

I feel even better than I did last time I did this exercise about where I want to go with my wardrobe. I've already started filling many of the gaps. Here is what I'm focusing on:
  • More lightweight cardigans (already started with my Featherweight cardigan)
  • A simple cable pullover (coming soon!)
  • More knit tops (I've made some, but I need more Renfrews in other colours)
  • More loose blouses 
  • A Liberty/floral shirt 
  • Skinny pants and jeans (I've temporarily filled this gap with second hand pairs)
I've already done some of the other pieces, such as the cargo jacket, my winter jacket, the beige capris, and shorts. Everything is coming together and I already think I'm a better dresser. It's also much easier to get dressed in the morning, since I know that most of my clothes go together.

On to Week 12: Adding Accessories. Most of this is the same from the last time I did it, except I'm a little more certain on footwear after doing some research. For example, I bought some Tom shoes. They are simple and stylish. Tom shoes also promises to donate a pair for each pair you buy to someone in need.

I also bought myself some new winter boots. I decided to go with a pair of LL Bean boots that are made in Maine. I'm really happy with these boots; they are so comfortable and cozy. I almost can't wait for the snow.

My only problem now is finding some sort of fall boot or shoe that is good for the cool weather, when it is too cool for the Toms and too warm for the Bean boots. And that's right now, so I have to keep looking. Other accessories I need are new winter gloves and a scarf.

Week 13 and 14 are about organizing your Wardrobe Architect work and going through your wardrobe and purging. I did that several times this year and even donated to Big Brothers and Big Sisters a garbage bag full yesterday!

That's it! Stay tuned for more clothes that fit into my wardrobe.

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