Sewaholic Rae Skirt

By Tiffany - Saturday, August 16, 2014

I wanted a quick and easy sewing project and out came the Sewaholic Rae Skirt. I loved the floral fabric in the kit and just had to get it myself.


All of the necessary materials come in the kit.
  • Stretch twill
  • Thread
  • Elastic
  • Optional: Label and Ribbon
I wouldn't usually make myself something so simple, but I have a hard time finding fabrics in my town. The fabric in the kit is really nice and it's still summer enough for a bright happy skirt.

The floral fabric is a bit on the bulky side. I don't mind this, it just means that the elastic waistband looks a little bulky and too casual for me. So, I just wear it with a belt. I also noticed that Tasia does this in her pictures with the skirt.


When you buy the kit, you get the pdf pattern of the skirt. The pattern is very simple and the instructions are great. It would definitely make a good first project for someone learning to sew.

I made View B, which is the same view that Tasia does with the fabric (above). It just seems to suit the fabric best.

As the pattern instructed, I made the skirt to my hip size (a size 8) and just adjusted the elastic to my waist (which is closer to a size 10). The fabric has a lot of body, so I could have probably gone with a size 6 and still had a lot of flare.

I didn't make any adjustments. The only thing that I did a bit differently was to blindstitch the hem in a quick way. What I did was press the skirt hem up to its final length. I then unfolded it and serged the entire bottom edge. Then, I refolded the fabric and folded it a second time with the serged edge sticking out 1/4". All I had to do after that was blindstitch. I found this a very quick and easy way to have the fabric in the right position for the blindstitch. Here is what it looks like:

Update: I totally forgot! One adjustment I did make was to add in-seam pockets. A simple change, but it makes the skirts a lot more useful.
Overall, I think this is a cute, comfortable skirt, but I'm still not sure it's for me. I think it make my upper half look a bit barrel-ish. It just doesn't quite seem to flatter my shape. Maybe I just need to get a better top to wear it with. Perhaps, I should make a Sewaholic Belcarra top, too.

I really love the fabric and there is enough left over to make some really fun shorts or something. But, that may have to wait until next spring. It's time to start my fall sewing!

PS. That's my veggie garden in the pictures above. I'm pretty happy with how that is going. My tomato plants are taller than me!

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  1. I love your skirt. I just got my kit - same fabric choice - and I plant to make it tonight. It is great to read your review that this skirt is a quick make. I need to replenish my skirt wardrobe quickly.

  2. Thanks Nothy Lane! Have fun sewing your skirt!