Featherweight Cardigan

By Tiffany - Saturday, August 09, 2014

Yes! Finally a knitting post after months of nothing. I made myself the Featherweight Cardigan and have been working on it for a long time.

This is a lace weight cardigan with lots of tiny stitches. Also, a few months back, it was found that I had retinal holes in my eyes and that one of my retinas was close to detaching! Apparently, this is something common for people who are extremely near-sighted (like me). I had lasers shot into my eyes to hit the back of my retina and close all the little tears and holes. It was unpleasant and stopped me from doing fine work, like this lace-weight knitting, for a while. I'm all better now and my cardigan is finally done.


Featherweight Cardigan by Knitbot Essentials

This is a nice simple pattern with lace weight yarn. The sweater is knit top down and has raglan sleeves. 

I wanted to pick a nice simple pattern that would work with a variety of outfits. This pattern is very simple and is mostly stockinette stitch. I like challenges to keep me away while knitting and the only challenge with this sweater is all the tiny stitches.

One alteration I made was to add decreases and then increases at the waist. The original pattern has no shaping and I didn't want a pool of fabric around the small of my back. I think it worked, and the fit is fairly good. 

The sweater is a little bit wide, but I haven't blocked it yet. I might be able to get an even better fit once I block it.


Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace in Willow (100% Merino)

This yarn was a pleasure to work with. It has a very soft texture and is super light, yet strong. 

I started the cardigan with the recommended needles as my test swatch showed that was perfect. However, once I started knitting the actual cardigan, my stitches relaxed. To fix this, I just switched to a size down needle (size 5). 

This cardigan used hardly any yarn! I used just over 2 balls and the finished cardigan weighs only about 110 grams! Like it's name, it truly is featherweight.

Now I have a lightweight cardigan that is great for the warmer months. It even looks great with my Burdastyle shorts and my Renfrew top.

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed! I have given up on sweaters for the time being because I make elephant sweaters! This one looks perfect. Glad your eyes are better, too!