Sewaholic Renfrew

By Tiffany - Saturday, May 31, 2014

I finally made myself a Sewaholic Renfrew. I love knit tops and I'm starting to feel more comfortable sewing knit fabrics.

[Note: the weird spots are sun spots - it's super sunny out today.]

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Sewaholic Renfrew

This pattern is super simple and makes a nice plain t-shirt. I didn't do any adjustments to this top and just sewed a size 6 (about two sizes down from what the size chart says I should be).

I have some fabric pooling at the back, so on my next Renfrew, I'm going to do a swayback adjustment. It looks better when I pinch out about 1" of fabric at the centre.

The top does looks fine without the adjustment. However, since I plan on using this pattern for other things (how about a Renfrew dress?!), I'd like to make it fit a little better.

Similarly, I'd like to fix the wrinkling under the arm. From looking at most other Renfrews out there, this seems common. It is probably because the armhole is too high under the arm. I compared it to a t-shirt I have that fits me and that had an armhole about an 1" lower.

I didn't have any twill tape, so I used bias tap instead. I just cut one of the folds out, so it wouldn't be too thick. So far, it seems to work fine.

I didn't finish the seams. This is really nice jersey that doesn't fray, so why waste the time and tread?

That's it. I hope you like my top!

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