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By Tiffany - Friday, May 30, 2014

After making my pants, which took a lot of time and effort, I wanted to make something a little easier. Plus, I need some new nice work shirts. So, I drafted myself a simple shirt with kimono sleeves.


A self-drafted kimono shirt. I followed a tutorial, The Easy Tee, for some help and ideas. This post my Miss P also helped.


  • Stretch jersey from my stash (I bought about 6 yards of it for $10 a while ago).
  • Stretch lace from a second hand 'old lady' blouse (about $4).
  • Thread 

The shirt is nice and comfy. It is loose without sitting like a tent. I wanted to make the sleeve and bust area a little loser, but I was constrained by how wide the lace shirt I was using was.

The lace adds a bit of interest near my face. I think if I make it again, I'll make the lace go a little further down (I forgot to add for seam allowance when I cut the lace where it would meet up with the jersey).

I used the lace shirt hem and sleeve binding. It lengthened the sleeves. It also flares out a bit, which looks a little interesting.

The shirt is soooo comfortable and I think it is also stylish. I'll definitely make more with variations.

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