A Year Later...

By Tiffany - Friday, April 25, 2014

A year ago yesterday, the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh caught fire and collapsed. The horrible tragedy caught the attention of people around the world and had many people wonder if their clothing was made in a sweatshop.

A year later, not much has changed. Most people continue to buy clothes without caring how or where they were made and the factories in Bangledesh are still dangerous. There have been some improvements in Bangledesh, such as a raise in wages. But, there is nothing to stop corporations from just setting up shop in another country if they want to continue to use the cheapest labour.

Personally, I am still concerned about how our clothing (and other products) are made. This incident spured me to sew my own clothes or buy sencond hand. So far, this has worked very well for me. I only bought one pair of leggings last year. Everything else was used or made by me.

I hope that this incident still makes people to think about where their clothes come from and that it is not forgotten and doomed to be repeated. However, I think the latter is more likely. Large, global corporations have separated consumers from how their stuff is made. Until this changes, horrible human and environmental tragedies will continue to happen.

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