Bicycle Fashion

By Tiffany - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My hubby found me a cute 1970's Raleigh bicycle. It's a bit rusty and needs TLC, but it should be a great bike for getting to work. 

He also emailed me some pictures with the subject "Bicycle Fashion Advice for You". They are vintage posters for Raleigh bicycles.

I think I'll have to use some of these for wardrobe inspiration!

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  1. This bike is amazing! I've actually got a similar Raleigh, but it's bright red with a rack on the back wheel. It's pretty rusty too! Do you have any tips for doing up a rusty old bike?

    1. There are special de-rusting products you can buy at home improvement or automotive supply stores. My husband is doing the de-rusting for me on the non-painted parts (while also doing some of his tools). The stuff he is using is a green liquid that gets rubbed on, you let it sit, and then scrub it off with wire brushes and/or steel wool. Also, I've heard that using aluminium foil to scrub off rust on chrome parts works.