Wardrobe Architect Week 5

By Tiffany - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Week 5 of the Coletterie Wardrobe Architect was to find our favourite colours. I love colour and already have a good idea of what my favourites are, but it helped to find examples.

Right away, I was drawn to this picture that was featured on the Coletterie post:

source: The Designer's Co-op
You will notice that the colours go well with my blog. I love greenish-blues and pinky-corals. From the image above, I was able to pick out the following colours:

The first few columns are definitely the colours I love to wear for tops. The last few columns would make good neutrals for pants, etc. Also, the lighter top row is better for spring/summer and the bottom row I would probably wear for fall/winter.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I realized that I like a mix of feminine and masculine in my wardrobe. Since flowers can be quite feminine, I tried to think of something more gender neutral that also used the colours I love. Then I remembered that I love to look at vintage and antique maps. A lot of them use a beautiful combination of colours that have a timeless beauty to them. Here is an example from an 1863 world map:

source: Majesty Map & Prints
And here is an example from a 1911 map of South America:
source: Vintage Views
The maps are colourful, yet muted. I love looking at them.
This exercise has been so helpful so far. It made me realize that there are clothes that I don't wear because they aren't one of these colours that I love. Also, I realized that I look better in cream than bright white, which might be another reason why I think my Black and White shirt just didn't work for me.
I also have a few colour combinations picked out from the colours above. How about greens and purples: 
Or my favourite, greenish-blue and pinkish-coral: 
I can't wait to put these colours to use!

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