Organizing My Projects

By Tiffany - Thursday, February 27, 2014

I organized my blog to make it easier to find all of my sewing and all of my knitting projects. I created pages with thumbnails to see what I've done. I've made so much in the last year!

I found a simple way to create nice looking thumbnails that I thought I would share with my fellow bloggers. By simply adding a "-c" in an image location path, Blogger will automatically crop an image for you.

While writing a post, go into HTML mode and find your image path. It will be inside of code that looks like <img src=" " />. In the location path, right before your image file name, there will be a little code starting with "s". The number after the "s" sets the size of the image. In this example, I have "s140" for a 140 pixel thumbnail. You can change that number to change the size.

Then, you can add a "-c" at the end to crop your image. So, now I have "s140-c". This will prevent the aspect ratio of your image getting weird and having smooshed thumbnails. 
Neat isn't it! I learned this trick thanks to Blogger Xpertise.

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