Wardrobe Architect Week 2

By Tiffany - Sunday, January 26, 2014

This week's exercise for Coletterie's Wardrobe Architect was to think about what styles we like and what our particular style might be.

It took me awhile, but I went through my Pinterest board and added more pins. I pinned all sorts of things, whether it related to fashion or not. I like motorcycling, so there was a lot of that. My style seems to fall into two groups, modern and more rustic/vintage.

In my more modern likes, I love anime, colourful things, shiny motorcycles, and clean lines.

Style inspirations: Akira, Sailor Moon, Trinity from the Matrix, New Girl, and my lovely Honda 599.

But, I also like the vintage look, with more muted colours, natural materials, vintage motorcycles, and a little dirt. 

Style inspirations: Hunger Games, Della Crew, military jackets, tweed and denim, the Van Buren sisters. All of these ladies aren't afraid of getting a little dirt on them.

The main goal of the exercise was to think of words that describe our style. Here is what I have: comfortable, action, appropriate (for the task at hand), "pretty yet tough".

I couldn't think of a word for "pretty yet though" - it's some sort of combination of masculine and feminine, but not androgynous (there's probably a German word for it). [Update: I looked up the definition of 'androgynous' and it actually would work. Typically, when we use 'androgynous' when taking about fashion, we mean genderlesss. But, 'androgynous' also means "having both masculine and feminine characteristics".]

And what is definitely not my style in one word: heels. I don't like high heels. Actually, no, I *hate* high heels. And frilly dresses are ok, but usually only at parties.

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