Inspiration: Bomb Girls

By Tiffany - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

One of my favourite shows at the moment is Bomb Girls. It's a drama based on the lives of 1940s women, who work in a bomb factory. The stories and acting are amazing.

I was afraid the show was cancelled when I didn't see it for the past few weeks. But, I just found out it's coming back March 25th!

Another reason I love it, is the fashions. The costume designers really do a great job in fitting the clothing to the time period and to the different characters.

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The show really brings to life the fashions and decor of that time period for me. Instead of black and white photos, you can see the types of colourful prints and fabrics they used for clothing.

Whenever I watch an episode, I end up really wanting to make myself a vintage-style print dress. Look at these pretty ones:

To read more about Bomb Girl fashions, you can follow the Global Bomb Girls Blog. Or read this Global article. Or this "Get the Look" article on

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