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By Tiffany - Friday, March 15, 2013

I spent the last few days in Vancouver. It rained every day while I was there! Which, is typical for Vancouver, but unlike all my past trips (where I was extremely lucky with the weather). I'm still feeling a little waterlogged. I'm glad to be home - it's so nice and sunny here.

Rainy-shmainy Vancouver

I could have used Tasia's new pattern, the Robson Coat. It looks great, but I don't have a need for it now that I'm back home where it will soon be too hot and sunny for an overcoat.

Anyways, during my trip I was able to visit Fabricana, Dressew Supply, and Atex Designer Fabrics, as I had planned.

Fabricana was great - it had a lot of fashion fabrics to choose from. I was able to buy fabric and supplies for a lot of the projects on my potential wardrobe list. I also picked up the Sewaholic Alma blouse pattern that I'm planning to use for by Black and White challenge.

Atex Design Fabrics was ok - if I had more time and didn't already have a plan for what I needed, I'm sure I would have found something.

Dressew Supply was good - they had some beautiful designer fabrics. They also have a lot of notions. I was impressed by their zipper collection:

This is just a bit of the zippers they have!
Seeing as I had such problems finding decent zippers for my Minoru jacket, I was overwhelmed by it all.

Now to clean up my sewing room so I can make clothes with the fabrics I bought!

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