Roadtrip! Where to go? What to see?

By Tiffany - Thursday, February 28, 2013

In a short while, I'll be going to Vancouver for work. I have to work during the day, but I'll be there for three nights and plan to do a little shopping in the evenings while I'm there. And, instead of shopping for clothes, I'll be looking for fabric and yarn!

So far, I've found three places that I'll try to visit: Fabricana, Dressew Supply, and Designer Fabrics. If I have time I'll hope to go to Button Button. Do any of you Vancouverites out there have any other must see shops?

I'm trying to dress my feet up better as well, so I would like to go to a handmade shoe store. I'm ready to bite the bullet and spend more on a pair of shoes that will be more comfortable and last a decade or more. I found Ella Shoes, but I'm not sure what else is out there. Any suggestions?

In order for me not to be comepletely overwhelmed by all the pretty fabrics (Fabricana says it has 25,000+ square feet of store!), I'm going to sit down and plan 2 or 3 future projects to focus on. I'm also going to go through my waredrobe to see what holes I should fill.

I'm from a smaller city in the interior of British Columbia and there isn't very much in the way of fabric stores in my area. So, I'm so excited at the possiblites. What great things will I find to make into other things?!

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